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Thurs 20th Sept - MN
Fri 21st Sept - MN
Sat 22nd Sept - Iowa
Sun 23rd Sept - Kansas
Mon 24th Sept – Dayton, OH
Tues 25th Sept - MN
Wed 26th Sept - Houston
Thurs 27th Sept - Dallas
Fri 28th Sept - Dallas
Sat 29th Sept – Midland, MI
Sun 30th Sept -
Mon 1st Oct - NY
Tues 2nd Oct - PA
Wed 3rd Oct - PA
Thurs 4th Oct – DC / VA / MD
Fri 5th Oct - DC / VA / MD
Sat 6th Oct - DC / VA / MD
Sun 7th Oct -
Mon 8th Oct – Charlotte, NC
Tues 9th Oct - NC
Wed 10th Oct – Raleigh, NC
Thurs 11th Oct - Wilmington
Fri 12th Oct – Myrtle Beach, SC
Sat 13th Oct – Myrtle Beach, SC
Sun 14th Oct - Raleigh
Mon 15th Oct – Seattle
Tues 16th Oct – San Diego
Wed 17th Oct – Los Angeles
Thurs 18th Oct – Los Angeles
Fri 19th Oct – San Francisco
Sat 20th Oct – San Francisco
Sun 21st Oct – San Francisco

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Exclusive Custom Tailor

Chan's Tailor, a Bangkok based clothing company, has an international reputation for producing the finest handmade clothes. We offer a friendly, professional service and will provide you with expert advice based on more than 25 years of experience.

"Great quality for custom made suits and shirts"

Chan's Tailor makes custom clothing from a unique pattern created for each client to ensure a perfect fit. Our clothes have more details than any other custom clothier, an indication of the craftsmanship and attention afforded to each piece.

Chan's Tailor makes a large range of garments for Gentlemen and Ladies in styles, fabrics and colors to express your personal style.

"Choose the fabric, customize your shirt, send us your measurement"

From the comfort of your home, you can have your personal custom tailors designing your custom clothing through our website, with you don’t need to travel overseas. With our website, we bring our store to the world with an easy and cost effective as well as time saving way to access our products. The site is designed in a way that the client can create his or her own wardrobe to reflect his or her very own personal style, color, and fabric.

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